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Take The Steps to Get Started With this Quick Guide

So you've decided to take your business online. Before your website is completed you'll have to consider a few things. While we can provide most of the legwork in establishing your online presence, we'll still need some input from you.

Your Website's Content

While we're working on the design of the site, you will need to write or develop content for the website. The content could come in the form of text explaining who you are, what you do and how you do it. Your content could also be pictures of your products and services.

In almost, if not all, situations it's better if you write this content yourself. Any printed marterials you already have will come in handy. Brochures, advertisements can all be incorporated into the site. But you'll need to flesh out your content further.

Nobody other than you can effectively explain who you are and what you do. Your website will be more informative and persuasive to your visitors if you provide them with the content they're seeking.

Your content can come in the form of:

  • Pictures of your products & services
  • Text explaining who you are and what you do
  • Answers to common questions from your clients or customers
  • Contact information
  • Services that you may provide online to your visitors

Domain Name

If you haven't already, start to consider what domain name you want for your website. The domain name is the internet address that people type into their web browsers to visit your site.

For most businesses, the domain name can be as simple as However, there is a possibility that your company's name is already taken. In such cases you'll need to come up with a creative variation of your name for your site.

Domain Name Creation Tips

  • Keep it short: The more words you use, the likelier someone will mistype your address
  • Keep it simple: Adding hypens and other punctuation can cause confusion and misdirected visitors.
  • Use the right suffix: If you're a commercial website use the .com suffix. If you're a non-profit, use the .org suffix.

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